World first Drone catcher intercept & capture rogue drone invading city borders and protecting civilian population

On June 21, 2022, an interception scenario was executed together with Matrix Ltd (the party responsible for the test grounds), the Yeruham municipality and Ayalon Highways Ltd. The test was based on a situation in which a drone deviates from its approved flightpath from the testing grounds while threatening to penetrate Yeruham’s airspace and endanger innocent bystanders. Robotican’s intercepting drone provided protection to the Snir testing grounds in Yeruham, so if a drone loses control and flies in an undesired direction, the Goshawk drone is able to capture it. The Goshawk system was responsible to prevent irregular flight behavior from reaching the safe zone that was defined for the trial, and created a “safety shield” between the testing grounds and Yeruham and/or any other unplanned locations the test drone was not intended to reach.

The Goshawk system is an autonomous system developed by ROBOTICAN to intercept and capture drones. The Omer-based company’s system reduces collateral and peripheral damage by capturing and diverting lost drones to a predefined location. The system operates via a computer and launches from its designated mobile launch pad, which enables operational capabilities 24/7 and the enforcement of drone traffic laws in future air spaces.

Robotican specializes in development and manufacturing autonomous robotics and drones for challenging operational needs. Since 2013, the company has supplied unique, creative robots and drones to Defense,  HLS and civilian customers.

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