Search & Rescue

Semi autonomous indoors exploration

Disasters accrue frequently all over the globe it could be a natural disaster, an accident or terror attack. The first responders specialists, search and rescue teams first goal is to locate and rescue survivors in the shortest time and with minimal risk to themselves.

Most cases will include buildings or structures that were damaged with no information how bad and whether is it safe to send personnel inside to look for survivors. The immediate need is to scan the building in the shortest frame possible time with an effective result.

In today’s world, it is obvious that the answer is to use robotics and drone technologies with cameras and sensors in order to protect human beings during first responder’s operation from hazards like unstable structures and uncontrolled toxic gases released to the air.

Use cases


Security & defense

A reconnaissance cross-breed system by observation – in flight, while rolling and at stationary position. Rolls like a robot and flies like a drone

SAR first responders

Search and rescue, Disaster management. The perfect tool for situational awareness, designed for Indoor rapid exploration of buildings, caves and other confined space environments.

Industrial inspection

Real-time video streaming from inaccessible areas, easily approach hazardous facilities and inspect in confidence narrow passes relying on the ROOSTER’s robust and flexible structure.

Robotican provides a cross-breed platform solution that roles as a robot and flies as a drone that benefits from both ground and air platforms advantages. The Rooster is capable of rolling into narrow passes and fly over obstacles, stair cases or flight through windows. It can stop, turn off its motors to listen and to watch for any clue of potential survivors. 

The Rooster support’s the first response teams to execute their mission agile and efficient matter with minimal risk to the team members.