Press Release

NURSEEBOT – The robot that will operate in Soroka’s Coronavirus Departments

RobotiCan’s NurseeBot is a robot that was specially developed for Soraka’s Coronavirus Departments.
The robot enables direct communication between doctors and coronavirus patients without any physical contact in order to prevent exposure that could lead to infection.
This week RobotiCan, in full collaboration with Soroka’s Medical Center, introduced the first robot as part of a pilot for preparations in the Unit for the Treatment of Special Events for COVID-19 patients. Together with employees that are implementing the technology, the medical team is learning the robot’s simple and intuitive remote operation, its range and other capabilities. The NurseeBot was hurriedly developed based on one of the company’s existing products. It can navigate buildings and open areas on its four wheels and carries a tablet with a camera for video chats that is specially positioned for patient interaction.
The tablet provides video and audio from the patient’s side and is connected to a computer with a camera and microphone on the doctor’s side.
COVID-19 is presenting many complex challenges for the medical teams in Israel. They are subject to strict regulations before entering the Coronavirus Departments – the are required to wear full-body protective clothing while undertaking their heavy workload of patient treatment.
The added value of the NurseeBot lies in its ability to save time and human resources. The team spends a lot of time donning the protective gear, whether when having to reenter because something was forgotten, asking the patients how they feel, or just to simple take vital signs. The robot is equipped with a designated container for medical equipment and reduces the number of the actions the medical staff is required to carry out. This increases their availability to address more urgent issues at any given time.
The pilot has ended and has been deemed a success – and the platform has been proven as an effective solution for the designated coronavirus departments in Soroka.
Dr. Eli Rosenburg, a senior doctor in the Unit for the Treatment of Special Events in Soroka describes the pilot:
“With the help of the robot, we are able to receive a situational picture of where the robot is located at all times. This allows us to control the robot inside of the hospital department and guide it to where the patients themselves are located. The patients can see and hear us, and we can see and hear them. This will be a very, very serious contribution from our perspective”.