Assitive tool for any crisis in confined spaces
and inaccessible indoor structures in
communication denied environment.

Urban environment fighting has enormous challenges and risks to combat soldiers mostly generated by lack of intelligence on enemy activity indoors and underground. Robotican’s Rooster designed especially to provide real time picture from these hard to reach environments.

The Rooster capability to roll as a robot, fly as a drone, park as a rock and provide video imagery make it the ideal device to scan indoor facilities and building. The Rooster will roll on the floor, fly over obstacles and up staircases, in and out of rooms and be stationed at standby as a remote observation sentinel.

Underground facilities and indoor operations challenge the communication link to regular drones & robots, using a mesh radio link enables Roosters to relay comm. between each other and by using three Roosters enabling steady communication throughout the scanning mission.

Protect What Matters

Reconnaissance by observation – in flight, while rolling

Rolls like a robot and flies like a drone