Protect your skies
Fully autonomous flight, mitigation and landing
No collateral damage
Unique surgical mitigation technology
Fast, precise, effective
24/7 active aerial protection
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The Goshawk is a powerful autonomous drone for capturing and retrieving hostile drones, using a special net effector for controlled disposal of captured drones in designated areas. This high-performance drone saves lives, protects large areas and prevents collateral damage.

Intercepted drones
Total hours of flight

System features


No collateral damage

Operator free



Surgical mitigation

Imitating nature

Drones are a marvel of modern technology, capable of mimicking the forces of nature and the instincts of animals.

Vulture instincts

Its level of precision and control allows the Goshawk to perform a wide range of tasks, from tracking, launching and mitigation aerial threats.

We hunt drones

With its advanced sensors and intuitive controls, Goshawk is able to navigate through complex environments, detect threats and hunt them down with no collateral damage.

Capturing nimble air threats

Surgical discreet C-UAS mitigation

Anyone can operate from anywhere at anytime

The only C-UAS solution for dead reckoning drones

No piloting skills required