The only solution for dead reckoning drones


Drones and UASs have become a worldwide threat that requires governments and authorities to control and prevent their illegal use – such as terrorism, smuggling, surveillance, etc.

Many authorities have begun using Counter UAS systems to detect and intercept hostile drones. The common interception method is by using Electronic Warfare (EW) that have issues of effecting the public and causes collateral damage, therefore, it is not good enough. The requirements are to prevent any kind of collateral damage during the interception phase and to capture the hostile drone. 

Robotican’s Goshawk system provides the ultimate interception capability to capture the hostile drone. The Goshawk drone is an autonomous drone that can execute an interception mission by catching the hostile drone while in-flight. The autonomous capability includes target detection in flight, track, lock, seek to the target and catch it. Adding to this, the Goshawk flight performance makes it the ultimate drone interceptor.

Use cases

Combat field support

Drones and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), have proliferated rapidly and are available to individuals and organizations with no control nor limitation and in large quantities. These systems provide low-cost means of conducting intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions. Furthermore, many small UASs cannot be defeated by traditional air defense systems due to their size, material components and flight altitude, in addition the logistics of those traditional systems do not enable a low profile and prevent detection before take-off. 

Hostile drone could be Launched to missions at a very close range and prevent the ability to detect and respond to stop its mission in time. The common method used to defeat the hostile drones is by using RF jammers, these are not effective if the hostile drones are autonomous and have a backup to its GPS navigation.

The Goshwak autonomous interceptor is the effective solution, its effective range overcomes any hand-held device, its capability to capture the drone and release it anywhere prevents collateral damage caused by using missiles or long-range air-defense weapons. The autonomous performance enables any untrained personnel to control the system and respond rapidly

airport defence c-uas


Around the globe airports are facing illegal Drone flights that are becoming a hazard to airline aircrafts and passengers. Near collisions have been reported by pilots and airport employees of drones causing air towers to stop flight activity of entire airports. Authorities are purchasing C-UAS systems to detect and intercept these drones with the downside of collateral damage caused by both jamming GPS and RF signals devices and by hard kill technologies. These hard kills technologies are hazardous to aircrafts in the air and on the ground in addition to the damaged caused by drones falling from the sky.

Robotican’s Goshawk interception & capturing system is the optimal platform for intercepting drones and capturing them with a net and safely disposing them in a designated controlled location. The Goshawk interceptor is a powerful drone fully autonomous able to fulfill its drone capturing mission with no humans in the loop, it enables any C4 operator to handle interception mission with no need for special training as required for a 24/7 standby system.  All it needs is to be connected to any drone detection system, receive the target initial location and it will execute the mission

Strategic facilities

As Drone technologies and methodologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, and becoming available at a low cost, drone use is broadened for both the commercial use and illegal use. illegal drone use could be by curious civilians whom are not aware of the regulations, by criminals to cause damage, for spying or to support other illegal activities.

Production plants, commercial facilities that could be affected by illegal drone activity need to prevent it by technology devices with no collateral damage and preferable capture of the intruding drone, enabling investigation & identification of the hostile drone operator.

The Goshawk system is the ideal solution, it catches the intruder drone and returns it to the security officer for investigation, it executes the mission autonomously with the officer confirm mission take-off without any training.  In addition, the system is on standby mode 24/7 for a rapid launch to mission.

Goshawk could be operated from an existing Security command and control center with no additional manpower. Its broad protection radius enables flexibility for its Nest smart launch pad location, for extra large facilities the Goshawks will require more than one interceptor  and yet will be operated by one C2.




Capturing the drone ensuring minimized to no collateral damage to the user and 3rd party protected individuals in its surrounding area, enabling the Goshawk drone to perform controlled disposal of the captured drone at any chosen location such as an explosive pit for a weaponized drone, or at home base for further close UAV investigation or to be used as evidence in court against the hostile drone operators. The Goshawk system could use a as a standalone system or it can be easily integrated with any existing drone detection system or any C2 Counter UAS system, and provide the optimal interception capability to the end-user.

Israeli minister of defense, Benny gantz, examing the Goshawk system

Photo by Harel Hermon