Worldwide, Drones and UASs have become a threat that requires authorities to control and prevent any illegal use, such as terrorism, smuggling etc.

Many authorities have begun using Counter UAS systems to detect and intercept the hostile drones. The common interception method is by using Electronic Warfare (EW) that have issues of effecting the public and causes collateral damage, therefore, it is not good enough. The requirements are to prevent any kind of collateral damage during the interception phase and to capture the hostile drone.

Robotican’s Goshawk system provides the ultimate interception capability to capture the hostile drone. The Goshawk drone is an Autonomous drone that can execute an interception mission by catching the hostile drone while in-flight. The autonomous capability includes target detection in flight, track, lock, seek to the target and catch it. Adding to this, the Goshawk flight performance makes it the ultimate drone interceptor.

Capturing the drone ensuring minimized to no collateral damage to the user and 3rd party protected individuals in its surrounding area, enabling the Goshawk drone to perform controlled disposal of the captured drone at any chosen location such as an explosive pit for a weaponized drone, or at home base for further close UAV investigation or to be used as evidence in court against the hostile drone operators.

The Goshawk system could use a as a standalone system or it can be easily integrated with any existing drone detection system or any C2 Counter UAS system, and provide the optimal interception capability to the end-user.