protecting strategic assets

Complete 24/7 Hours
autonomous aerial
protection of critical
infrastructure &
strategic assets

Plant and infrastructure
aerial security

As Drone technologies and methodologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, and becoming available at a low cost, drone use is broadened for both the commercial use and illegal use. illegal drone use could be by curious civilians whom are not aware of the regulations, by criminals to cause damage, for spying or to support other illegal activities.

Production plants, commercial facilities that could be affected by illegal drone activity need to prevent it by technology devices with no collateral damage and preferable capture of the intruding drone, enabling investigation & identification of the hostile drone operator.

The Goshawk system is the ideal solution, it catches the intruder drone and returns it to the security officer for investigation, it executes the mission autonomously with the officer confirm mission take-off without any training. In addition, the system is on standby mode 24/7 for a rapid launch to mission.

The Goshawk command and control could be operated from an existing Security command and control center with no additional manpower. Its broad protection radius enables flexibility for its Nest smart launch pad location, for extra large facilities the Goshawks will require more than one interceptor and yet will be operated by one C2.