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defense-imgDrones and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), have proliferated rapidly and are available to individuals and organizations with no control nor limitation and in large quantities. These systems provide low-cost means of conducting intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions. Furthermore, many small UASs cannot be defeated by traditional air defense systems due to their size, material components and flight altitude, in addition the logistics of those traditional systems do not enable a low profile and prevent detection before take-off.

Hostile drone could be Launched to missions at a very close range and prevent the ability to detect and respond to stop its mission in time. The common method used to defeat the hostile drones is by using RF jammers, these are not effective if the hostile drones are autonomous and have a backup to its GPS navigation.

The Goshwak autonomous interceptor is the effective solution, its effective range overcomes any hand-held device, its capability to capture the drone and release it anywhere prevents collateral damage caused by using missiles or long-range air-defense weapons. The autonomous performance enables any untrained personnel to control the system and respond rapidly.