AERIAL protection

protecting strategic assets

Complete 24/7 Hours
autonomous aerial
protection of critical
infrastructure &
strategic assets


airport-img Around the globe airports are facing illegal Drone flights that are becoming a hazard to airline aircrafts and passengers. Near collisions have been reported by pilots and airport employees of drones causing air towers to stop flight activity of entire airports. Authorities are purchasing C-UAS systems to detect and intercept these drones with the downside of collateral damage caused by both jamming GPS and RF signals devices and by hard-kill technologies.

These hard-kills technologies are hazardous to aircrafts in the air and on the ground in addition to the damaged caused by drones falling from the sky.

Robotican’s Goshawk interception & capturing system is the optimal platform for intercepting drones and capturing them with a net and safely disposing them in a designated controlled location. The Goshawk interceptor is a powerful drone fully autonomous able to fulfill its drone capturing mission with no humans in the loop, it enables any C4 operator to handle interception mission with no need for special training as required for a 24/7 standby system. All it needs is to be connected to any drone detection system, receive the target initial location and it will execute the mission.